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Phase indicators


What does it do?

  • Helps users to identify when a service is in a development phase

When to use it?

  • Every service that has not passed its public beta service assessment must have a phase indicator
  • Within the header pattern
  • Within the phase banner pattern

A service can either be in Alpha (prototype stage) or Beta (when it is on a publicly accessible website).


HTML markup
<span class="wmnds-phase-indicator">

Nunjucks markup
{% from "wmnds/components/phase-indicator/_phase-indicator.njk" import wmndsPhaseIndicator %}

{{ wmndsPhaseIndicator() }}

HTML markup
<div class="wmnds-grid wmnds-banner-container">
  <div class="wmnds-col-auto wmnds-float-left wmnds-m-r-xsm">
    <span class="wmnds-phase-indicator">
  <div class="wmnds-col-auto">
    <p class="wmnds-banner-container__text">
      <a href="#" title="link title" target="_blank" class="wmnds-link" rel="noopener noreferrer">
        Try our new disruptions page

Nunjucks markup
{% from "wmnds/components/phase-indicator/phase-indicator-link/_phase-indicator-link.njk" import wmndsPhaseIndicatorLink %}

      contentText: "Try our new disruptions page",
      href: "#",
      title: "link title"

Nunjucks properties
contentTextstringText content for the phase indicator link
hrefstringSpecifies the href to be used in the phase indicator link
titlestringTitle text for the phase indicator link