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When it comes to mapping, Transport for West Midlands uses ESRI ArcGIS products to create, manage and share data on maps. Therefore, when developing maps use ArcGIS APIs and SDKs .


A screenshot showing an example of a map

When creating a map use the WMCA Basemap as your basemap layer. This is to ensure maps are consistent across Transport for West Midlands services.

The WMCA Basemap is a portal item, you can use the ArcGIS Basemap documentation with the WMCA Basemap ID to include the basemap in your application.

Example of the ESRI ArcGIS JavaScript API

    // ESRI ArcGIS JS code...
    const basemap = new Basemap({
      baseLayers: [
        new VectorTileLayer({
          portalItem: {
            // set the baselayer to WMCA Basemap:
            id: '53f165a8863c4d40ba017042e248355e',

    // Create a new map with the basemap set above
    const map = new Map({

Can't use ESRI ArcGIS?

We understand that you may not always be able to use ArcGIS APIs and SDKs . In these situations, style your map as closely to the WMCA Basemap as possible.

User interface

User interface elements on a map such as zoom, pan and location buttons follow particular pattern rules when being used.

These pattern rules are:

  • Accessible for screen readers and keyboard navigation
  • User interface buttons must have 35px height and 35px width
  • User interface buttons must display in the top right of the map
  • The border radius must be 5px (slight curve on the corners)
  • The icon colour must be white
  • The background/fill colour of the buttons must use the Information colour
    • If it is the location button, the background/fill colour must be transparent and the border/icon colour must use the Primary Purple colour
  • When hovered, the background/fill colour must be 30% darker (mixed with black) of the Information colour (#5c236d)
    • If it is the location button, the background/fill colour must be 70% lighter (mixed with white) of the Secondary Purple colour